Press Release



Name of the event Intercultural Art & Language Contest

Date  Saturday,  April 25, 2015

Location Copernicus Center

5216 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL 60630

Host  Turkish American Society of Chicago

501 Midway Dr. Mount Prospect, IL 60018

(847) 640 7272

Purpose of event promoting dialog and friendship between different cultures and contributing
in cultural diversity in Mid-west States.

Estimated attendance  2,500

Audience/ Attendees  open to public with no entrance fee

Press  invited

Attire business attire

Contact MuhittinEr , Executive Director of TASC

Details Chicago area is home to many different cultures, Turkish American Society of Chicago is using
this opportunity and initiating a new event  to promote  dialog and friendship between different cultures
and wants to contribute in cultural diversity. The event is called intercultural Art and Language Contest.
As the title of the contest suggests, the contest is focused on Art and Language.  Contestant cultures will exhibit
their best practices of art like traditional clothes,  artefacts or fine arts. They will also show stage performance
skills like singing , poem reciting, folk dances. Many distinguished guests are invited, and the contest are
open to everyone.